Tips for BSNL EVDO users

If you are using BSNL's EVDO 3G broadband service, then these tips might be of help to you.

  • While using the device make sure that the windows are wide open (not when it's raining outside though).
  • Keep the antenna positioned at an angle of 90 degree from the device body.
  • Do not allow any dust to settle on the device antenna's receptor.
  • Since most of the areas only support CDMA IX services and signal strength may not be constant at all times, I suggest the use of a download accelerator like Orbit Downloader for downloads.
  • Use Google Chrome as your browser while surfing on EVDO. I have found pages loading a lot faster under chrome.
  • One of my personal observations has been the fact that this device works best under the Windows 7 OS. I have been getting much faster speeds ever since upgrading to Windows 7 from Xp.

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