Disadvantages Of Using Too Many Widgets On Your Blog

Bloggers often use widgets to add to their blog, a variety of content. While some of these widgets like 'the label widget', 'the archive widget' and 'the recent/popular post widget' are an absolute necessity, adding too many of these widgets on to your blog can affect its performance.

I discuss here on this post some of the disadvantages of using far too many widgets on your blog homepage.

1. The more the number of widgets on your blog, the more time it takes for your blog to load. Your blog might have the best of content, but if it takes a lot of time to load, it would loose its attractiveness to its users.

2. Third party widgets look great, but they often divert your reader's attention away from the actual content of your blog. There are chances that you might end up promoting someone else's content at the sake of your own.

3. Using a lot of widgets may give your blog an unclean look; specially when some of them refuse to load.

4. More importantly widgets use up precious advertising space.

5. Sometimes these widgets would eat up so much of reader's bandwidth, that your Ads won't load; thus costing you dear.

So always take great care in choosing what widgets to display on your blog.

Finally a word of advice:-
Steer clear of third party widgets unless they relate to your blog's content and are an absolute necessity.

An Alternative:-
An alternative to using a lot of widgets on your homepage, is to display them on separate pages and then linking to them on your homepage.

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