Creating User Friendly Blogs And Websites

A user friendly blog / website design is one of the pre-requisites for building and retaining good readership. This post tries to identify some of the basic characteristics of a user friendly blog / website.

1. Page Load Speed
It is important to optimize your blog so that it does not take too long to load. Make sure you get rid of all the unnecessary add-ons and widgets that reduces your page load speed.

2. Easy To Understand
Make sure your content is short and crisp and the language easily understandable. 

3. Font Size 
Pay special attention to your font size. People visit your website for information and your font size should be such that it allows your visitors to read your content easily.

4. Judicious Linking
Avoid creating links to such content, on your website, which might be unsuitable for general viewership.

5. Background Music
Do not add background music (that starts playing automatically as the page load) to your blog/website.

6. Right Information
Make sure you provide the right information to your visitors. Do not mislead them with fancy figures and half truths.

7. Easy Navigation
Create intuitive navigation links that allows your users to find more content on your blog / website. Adding a search option helps a lot. Make sure you link to your best articles directly on your home page.

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