Promoting Your Blog On Orkut - Is Easy

Orkut is a social networking site; owned by Google. It is immensely popular in India and Brazil. In this post I will discuss some of the ways in which you can promote your blog on Orkut.

  1. Promote your blog on Orkut Communities. – Orkut features user created communities on almost every tropic. Once you join a particular community you can create forums and polls within the community. You can promote your blog by joining communities related to your blog’s content and then creating forums describing and linking to your blog therein.

  1. You can also create a community dedicated entirely to your blog on Orkut.

  1. Use the scrap to all feature to update all your friends about your recent blog posts. The key here is to make as many friends as you can.

  1. Use Orkut Promotion - Use the “Promote On Orkut” feature to promote your blog.

  1. Add the “Share On Orkut” button to your blog posts. This enables your readers to share your content on orkut.

Creating links on orkut is relatively easy. Simply typing an URL (within forums and while scrapping) is good enough. However in case this doesn’t work you can always use the <a href> tag to create links.

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