What Makes A Good Blog Template?

Templates share a sort of make or break kind of a relationship with blogs. Bloggers can often be in a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right template for their blogs. What then are the essential characteristics that make a good blog template? Read on and you might find an answer.

1. Clean & Professional Design

A template ought to have a clean and professional design - one that is soothing to the eye. Most bloggers prefer a white background as it provides for easy reading. 

2. Fast Page Loads

People are easily irritated when encountered with a slow loading blog. A good blog template is therefore the one which is optimised to load fast. By making your blog load fast you could be potentially improving your bounce rate.

Tip: Use the Google PageSpeed Insight tool to find out how you can optimise your template to load faster.

3. Optimized Ad Spaces

A good template is one which supports multiple ad formats and optimizes advertising space to ensure maximum visibility for your ads. 

4. Compatible With All Browsers

I have seen some templates which look so great in one browser and yet so out of place when viewed in a different browser. This is ideally what you don’t want to happen. A good template is one which is compatible and consistent with all browsers. Thus ensuring cross-browser compatibility is an absolute necessity.

5. Customisable

You would ideally want a template, which leaves room for customisations.

6. Easy Navigation

A good blog template should provide for easy navigation , making it easier for them to find content that is of interest to them.
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