Dec 4, 2010

10 Words To Help Express Yourself Beautifully

Starting from today I am going to start a new series of posts called 
"10 Words To Help Express Yourself Beautifully"

Thus each post under this series would list 10 words (with their meanings) that will help you to express yourself beautifully and communicate effectively.

Starting off with the list..

1. Panache - Flamboyant or elegant style.

2. Versatile - Skilled in multiple areas.

3. Deftly - Skillfully.

4. Exorbitant - Excessive.

5. Intuition - An instinctive realisation.

6. Inquisitive - Seeking knowledge.

7. Subtle - Delicate; Faint; Difficult to detect.

8. Succinct -  Brief.

9. Amicable - Friendly; Exhibiting friendliness.

10. Compatriot - Person belonging to someone's own country.

The continuing posts

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