How To Improve Your Click Through Rate (CTR)

CTR stands for Click Through Rate and is a measure of the number of clicks received per 100 ad impressions. Thus a CTR of 0.3 means 3 clicks per 1000 ad impressions served. Now if you are a blogger serving "Cost per click" ads on your blog CTR is important as it is directly related to your ad revenue. Here are a few tips to help you improve your Click Through Rate. 

1. Display contextual ads - Contextual advertising has its advantages as you are serving ads related to your reader's interest. Your readers are thus more likely to click on ads pertaining to their areas of interest; rather than an ad displayed randomly.

2. Make your ads visible - The visibility of your ads has a direct relationship with ad clicks. Ideally you would want to position your ads in such a way that they are visible when someone loads your page. Ads displayed in the less visible areas of your blog generally do not gather much click activity.

3. Display picture (banner) ads - "Pictures speak a thousand words." Ads that capture your reader's imagination are more prone to being clicked. There is no debate about the effectiveness of contextual text ads, but an effective mix of banner and text ads would certainly help to improve your CTR.

4. Anticipate reader's interests - Answer basic questions like Who my reader's are? Where do they come from? What age group do they belong to? This would help you anticipate their interests and display relevant ads.

If you have any interesting points to add to this discussion - feel free to share them here.

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