10 Simple SEO Tips for Bloggers

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your blog to rank high in search engines. This post tries to identify 10 simple tips to help you optimize your blogs for search engines. 

Let us begin by understanding the meaning of the term "Keyword". Keywords are simply the words typed into search engines, by users, to find relevant web pages. 

1. Create a Page Title that accurately describes your content. Include the primary keywords that you want to target within your post title. However avoid using lengthy titles.

2. Include relevant Keywords in your post URL.

3. Keep your content original. Search engines penalize sites that copy content from other sites.

4. Page load speed is an essential criteria based on which blogs and websites are ranked. Make sure that you optimize your blog to make it load faster.

5. Do not make excessive use of a particular keyword. Use natural keyword variations to optimise your content for search engines.

6. Create internal links intuitively. Pay special attention to the Anchor texts and make sure that they suitably describe the linked content. Also categorize your posts effectively.

7. Comment on high ranking blogs relevant to your niche to gain quality back links. DoFollow blogs are the best to comment on. Also make sure that you do not link to sites that are spammy in nature.

Update: Directory submissions are no longer valid for SEO. Instead concentrate on Guest Blogging to gain some high quality inbound links for your blog.

8. Submit xml sitemaps to major search engines like Google and Bing. 

9. Incorporate widgets like "Recent Posts", "Popular Posts" and "Similar Posts" to improve page navigation.

10. Post regularly and encourage your readers to share your content on various social media websites.

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