3 Simple But Effective Blog Tips.

In this post I am going to share with you some simple yet effective blog tips. 

Topic : SEO

Tip 1 : Naming your images - Naming your images will help them rank well in image search results. If you wondering why you should be bothered about getting your images to rank high, its because image search has the potential of bringing you a decent amount of traffic. 

You would have noticed that every time you click on an image via google image search, the website that hosts the image loads in the background. Also when you close the particular image, you are automatically redirected to the said website.
So if you do not want to miss out on traffic coming via image searches, you'd better start naming your images.

Topic : Advertising

Tip 2 : Ad placements - It is obvious that you place advertisement on your blog to earn revenues. To get the most out of your ads it is important that you make your ads more visible. Placing ads within or below the header section and on the sidebar gives the best result. The idea is to make at least 2 ad-units visible every time a page loads, without your visitors having to scroll down the page. Integrating text-ads within the post also seem to work well.

Tip 3 : Ad Sizes - When it comes to ad sizes its not always good to experiment. Its true that there are numerous ad sizes available. Yet the best paying ad units are often the recommended ones. Standard Ad sizes like 300 x 250, 160 x 600 and 728 x 90 are targeted by most advertisers. Thus you are better off displaying the standard ad sizes as these have the potential of earning you better ads and revenue. 

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