8 Features To Look For In A Laptop.

Purchasing a laptop can be quite a daunting task. So if you are contemplating a purchase here are some features that you might look for in your new Laptop.

1. Decent Battery Backup : A laptop is meant to be carried around. You would definitely not want a laptop that needs to be charged every hour. A battery backup of 2 - 3 hours is a minimum.

2. Light Weight - Light-weight makes it handy for travel and work.

3. Size - When it comes to size there are often conflicting opinions. Some people prefer options like wide display and a full keyboard, while others are ready to sacrifice such features for compactness. A large laptop can sometimes be difficult to carry. The ultimate choice would be based on your priorities.

4. Performance and gaming - There is no reason why you wouldn't want the best processors,graphics and memory to be installed on your laptop.

5. Spill proof key pad - Though this is an added I would strongly recommend you go for this feature.

6. Ports - Make sure that your laptop has an adequate number of ports (USB, serial ect) for all your needs.

7. Speakers - Do not forget the speakers, they are an integral part of your Laptop.

8. Warranty - Though this is not directly related to your laptop, manufacturer's warranty on different parts can be a critical issue while making a purchase. Study the terms of warranty carefully. Also do not forget to get the warranty card stamped by the dealer.
8 Features To Look For In A Laptop. 8 Features To Look For In A Laptop. Reviewed by Sandipan Chakraborty on April 10, 2011 Rating: 5

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