DHL Express Services Email Virus Scam

Today I received another email with the subject "DHL Express Services", notifying me about some sort of parcel that was sent to my address.

The mail also contained an attachment purporting to contain information about the parcel and its tracking number. 

Just as I had stated in my previous post on the FedEx Email Scam, I got the attachment examined and it did contain a VIRUS. With the growing list of people complaining about the receipt of such emails it is becoming quite evident that all this is a part of an organised effort to attack and infect our computers.

Now if you receive such emails I would advice you not to download the (ZIP) file attachment as it contains a potentially harmful virus! You are better off deleting such emails. I would also clarify that such emails are not sent by DHL Express. 

The email I received is reproduced below: 

Dear customer 

The parcel was sent your home address 
And it will arrive within 10 business days 

More information and the tracking number 
are attached in document below. 

Thank You 

© 1994-2011 DHL.S Express Services, Inc.

Update: Yet another scam email titled "DHL Delivery Services Notification" is also presently doing rounds. Users are advised to beware of such scams.

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