How To Keep Your Passion For Blogging Going

A couple of days back while interacting with a couple of fellow bloggers, I realized (by virtue of a couple of statements made by them) that they had gradually lost their interest in Blogging.

This is not an uncommon phenomenon. Most bloggers do not feel the same passion about blogging as they did when they had just started and ultimately end up following the "I QUIT" route.

Now this leads us to the question: What causes this lack of interest? 

I feel that its because these bloggers end up taking blogging as a COMPULSION. All this talk about the necessity to post regularly and build links has got to have its side-effects. People feel a certain compulsion to follow these so called 'RULES OF BLOGGING' and here lies the reason for their lack of interest.

Let me clarify this statement with an example.
We all enjoy reading classics. If we find a book interesting, we generally tend to devour it within a couple of days, even if it means reading till late at night.  However if the same book is introduced as a text book at school, which one has to read compulsorily in order to pass an exam, all this interest somewhat vanishes.
Thus the key to success as far as blogging is concerned, lies in enjoying every thing you do. Remember this simple matra "BLOG WHEN YOU WANT TO AND NOT WHEN YOU HAVE TO"

Good Luck.
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