United Parcel Service Notification Email Virus

Another spam email titled "United Parcel Service Notification" is currently doing rounds. The mail contains an attachment purporting to contain information about a parcel (allegedly sent to your home address) and its tracking number.

Now if you receive such emails I would advice you against downloading and up-zipping the (ZIP) file attachment as it contains a potentially harmful virus! I would also clarify that such emails are not sent by UPS .

The email I received is reproduced below. Do note the spelling mistakes and the fact that the same mail has been sent to numerous other recipients.

May 2011

UPS ExpressDelivery
tracking number # 7428528
Good morning
Parcel notification

The parcel was sent your home adress.
And it will arrive within 5 buisness days.

More information and the parcel tracking number are attached in document below.

Thank you
UPS Express Delivery system (c)
Copyright © 1994-2011 United Parcel Service of America, Inc! All rights reserved.

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