5 Essential Tools to Improve Your HR Process

The constant evolution of modern business technology has created a number of indispensable HR software tools which can help improve your HR processes. The modern business environment demands an HR department to streamline their processes, maintain clear channels of communication between department heads and employees, and fully integrate personnel, training, recruitment and payroll management.

Providing processing solutions to vastly improve the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of your HR team, here are 5 essential tools your business should not be without.

1. Intranet Self-Service Systems: This type of system greatly simplifies the way your HR systems are managed and maintained by allowing managers and employees to access personnel data directly, streamlining the process of approval and negating the need to bombard the HR department with constant employee requests. Intranet self-service systems also proactively allow employees access to data relating to their career performance, improving control and boosting motivation. Naturally, department heads can also utilise the intranet self-service system for the strategic development of their department as individual employees and collectively as a team, using the data to pinpoint good practice and identify areas in need of improvement.

2. Company Time Clock: If your workforce must complete time sheets there is the possibility of errors occurring during the re-entry of the data into the payroll software system. However, this can be stopped by the implementation of an electronic company time clock, which greatly improves the accuracy of employee pay slips. Company time clock software is extremely easy to use and can be simply integrated with your existing payroll software system and HR software. The integration of your business’s time clock and payroll software system will also facilitate accurate information mapping.

3. Direct Deposit of Pay: This extremely useful tool has now become standard throughout businesses, allowing the direct transmission of pay electronically into the bank accounts of employees, negating the need for pay checks. Likewise, electronic pay slips can replace paper versions, cutting down on paper waste and costs, reducing your company’s carbon footprint and pay slip processing time. Electronic pay slips also enable employees to quickly assess the details of their payment and raise any issues which may need resolving by the HR department.

4. Customised Reports: Every business needs to have complete control over their data and the ability to enter into their payroll software system, extract data and create customised reports. This is essential for companies, enabling them to organise data according to its relevance to their particular business, filtering extraneous data and saving the customised reports so they can be stored and accessed with ease when required.

5. Recruitment Software: There have been immense improvements made in recruitment software, allowing more accurate online recruitment databases and far more efficient applicant tracking systems to be maintained. There are many different forms of recruitment software, but most have the shared aim of streamlining the recruitment process, allowing for candidate applications to be managed with more efficiency, facilitating quick and effective applicant shortlisting. Significantly reducing administration time, high quality recruitment software is a must for every HR department.

This post was written by leading providers of Payroll and HR Software in the UK.
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