5 Reasons Why Reading is Beneficial for Kids

Reading is not only fun and educational, it can be beneficial as well. In recent times it has become very important that kids acquire a love and appreciation for reading at an early age, so that later on in life they can experience the benefits of an advanced education.

Language and Speech Development

When you read to a child, it greatly improves their speech and language capacity. This helps them to properly pronounce words, which can help with speech impediments and delays. Combining word pronunciation with images can help to expand a child's vocabulary.

School Preparation

Reading to a child helps to prepare them for school. Children are ready to go to school when they can listen to what someone else is saying, participate in story reading, and listen to a single speaker. Reading is an excellent way to prepare a child for a classroom environment, as they are used to listening to and following sentences. This can be helpful while learning about grammar and the structure of sentences. Not only does reading help a child just starting school, it will also be beneficial to them later on in life when and if they should decide to go to college or grad school. It is much harder to get into college than it used to be, and an aptitude for learning and reading can provide just the thing to write the perfect admission letter or score high on standardized exams.


Reading to a child is a great and easy way to bond with them. It's a chance for the parent and child to sit down with each other and learn together. Children learn to view their mother, father, or guardian not only as a provider, but also as a teacher and a friend. These kinds of activities stay in a child's mind for the rest of their lives as a wonderful memory and can plant seeds that bloom and thrive into success.

Part of a Routine

Reading to children before bed creates a pre-bedtime routine. Children usually have an easier time sleeping if there is a set routine.

Life-long Impact

Children will have to read almost every day of their lives, so it's important that they become well versed in spending extended periods of time absorbing, comprehending, and analyzing information. Being read to at an early age creates and stimulates a curiosity that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Reading also stimulates the imagination, imbuing a child with the ability to approach life and certain situations in ways that others might not.

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