Strange Yet Useful Inventions for the Elderly

Technology and elderly care go hand-in-hand. This has never been more evident than in the last few years, thanks to the large strides made with regard to panic button alarm systems and smart home technology.

These improvements have allowed thousands of people to enjoy some peace of mind as far as their elderly loved ones are concerned. It has also allowed the people it assists to carry on living an independent life - without all the constant worries.

Although these innovations are being used on a daily basis by more and more people each month, there are some other inventions out there that could make things a little easier for your parents or older relatives. May I present to you some of the strangest gizmos intended to assist the elderly:



Meet the Richard Simmons of the robotic world. Taizo was, thankfully, created without the crazy permed afro and annoying amount of energy, but his purpose is also to ensure that elderly people lead healthy lives. Taizo boasts a fleece covered body with the head of a creepy invincible snowman and for a solid two hours at a time, he will move his limbs to show his elderly audiences what exercises they can do to keep in shape. Taizo is 70 centimetres in length and weighs just a little more than a super supermodel at only seven kilograms. Taizo can perform around 30 different exercises and even has some basic language skills. An excellent companion and exercise buddy for your loved ones - if you can afford the $16 000 price tag.

Honda Walking Assist Device:

Honda Walking Assist Device

This Japanese company is always looking to venture into new frontiers and their Walking Assist Device is just one example. Once you slip on the lightweight device (using belts around the hips and thighs), a motor will help to lift each leg while walking, allowing you to travel further and faster with each stride. This device is meant for people who have weakened leg muscles, but are still able to walk. The product is still being tested in real world situations to see just how effective it can be.

Toyota iReal:

Toyota iReal

Wheelchairs - they are so... old fashioned! Why should you have to hurt your hands and sit in an uncomfortable chair all day? If you feel like this, then the Toyota iReal is for you. Packed full of touch displays, futuristic lines and a powerful motor, getting around town has never been this easy. You can easily wander around the shopping mall or, at the push of a button, race down the road at an incredible 20mph. The iReal can also communicate with other iReals in the near vicinity, ensuring that you can continue with your social life on the move.

Jason Acar is a online content writer and part time blogger. He has a fondness for the care for the elderly and if it requires a nurse call to assist he will gladly do that.

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