3 Ways for Local Businesses to Outsmart Big Corporations

Most of the time, big corporations are seen as bad wolves which serve only to drive small-scale, local shops out of business. Yet Local businesses have learned to adapt to the existence of these zombie companies and some have even managed to outsmart their giant competitions.

The great thing about having a small business is the fact that one can cater to customers in a more personal level. Although huge inventory and super low prices are off their reach, but when it comes to customer service, local stores have the lead. Here are a few ideas that can even more widen that lead.

Know Your Customers

Because local businesses are smaller, it is expected that their customer base is more stable as compared to that of big corporations. Local businesses are in the position that allows them to know their customers (and their needs) better than their larger counterparts. In order to meet that goal, it is crucial for them to hire and train people who are good at interacting and establishing relationships with customers. Customers appreciate it when your sales attendants are able to recognize them by their name. On top of that, your store can easily become your community’s social center where people, buyers and employees; know each other in person and shopping becomes a sought after social experience.

Be Part of the Community

Since you are able to mingle with the members of the community, then it’s only logical for you to take the next step and immerse in the community. There are so many ways to get involved whether that is through sponsoring local teams or working with local nonprofit organizations. When any business becomes involved in community affairs, people instantly notice. With every parade that your participate in, members of the community will get to know your business and, more likely, they’ll support you too.

Be Service-Oriented

This is probably the most obvious advice there is, but its wisdom holds true all the time. Personal service always beats the detached interaction that customers experience in large chains. With local businesses, it’s often the small things that customers remember and appreciate the most, like having a member of the staff carry your customers’ purchases to their cars or offering a free cup of coffee. And asking for vital consumer feedback couldn’t be any easier too when you’re a small business.

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