Three Ways to Improve Comfort Levels at Work

Whether you deal with chronic back pain due to carrying around some extra weight or feel discomfort for a host of other reasons, it is important to make sure that your office environment does not exacerbate your back issues. It is easy to be comfortable at work by following a few guidelines to find the best chairs for back pain, along with some additional accessories for added comfort assurance. 

1) Shop for chairs in your size.

If you are carrying around a few more pounds than normal, it is best to be honest with yourself about this and seek out a chair made for someone who is overweight. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, a bariatric office chair is made to be wider, so it can better accommodate you. By using a chair that is too narrow all day, you will feel uncomfortable and thus be less productive. Second, a chair that is made for larger people will also have a heavier weight limit. This means that your chair won’t buckle, break or become warped from prolonged use, which will better promote comfort. Third, many chairs designed for heavier folks don’t have arms or other restrictive parts—which is a good thing. Once again, you want to be able to sit comfortably, as well as enter and exit your seat easily.

2) Seek out seating that’s designed to align.

If you deal with massive amounts of back pain, there is one word you want to search for in every chair you purchase for your office: “ergonomic.” This phrase means that the piece of furniture is specifically designed to keep your spine in line and thus prevent neck, back and shoulder pain. Some ways that ergonomic chairs keep you comfortable—and pain-free—is by giving you lots of support where you need it. Height is typically adjustable for these chairs, letting your legs rest at a comfortable angle, with your feet just touching the ground. Many times, you can tilt ergonomic chairs to a comfortable spot for your back, as well. Headrests and lumbar support also give your neck and lower back the extra padding they need to feel good all day. If you are big and tall, look for ergonomic chairs in large sizes. If you are petite, you can find these chairs made to fit smaller people, too. The key is to buy a piece with ample adjustments and lots of support to ensure hours of comfort.

3) Invest in extra comfort-related accessories, if need be.

Sometimes, accessories can make all the difference when your special chair isn’t enough. Investing in a back support pillow or footrest can give you a lot of relief. Ergonomic keyboards can sometimes prevent neck and back strain, too. 
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