DHL Express Delivery Parcel Notification Virus Scam

God these Emails just keep coming! The latest titled " DHL Express Delivery Parcel Notification" is currently doing rounds. Strangely enough again only yahoo users are being targeted. 

The email looks like as if its from DHL.Com and tricks unsuspecting recipients into downloading the zipped attachment. The attachment contains a virus which is then installed in the recipient's computer.

I would therefore advise you against downloading such content. I would also clarify that such emails are not sent by DHL. 

The email which I received looks some what like this. The one you might have received may look different from this. Thus if you receive any email which gives you even the slightest reason for being suspicious, do not download its contents (attachments). 

May 2011

DHL Express Delivery
tracking number # 482868
Good morning
Parcel notification 

The parcel was sent your home adress.
And it will arrive within 3 buisness days.

More information and the parcel tracking number are attached in document below.

Thank you

Do not forget to note the spelling mistakes.

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