Blogging: A New Form of Journalism

It's no wonder why so many people today are addicted to the Internet. It has all that an exploring mind needs: research, cooking, shopping, chatting, and of course, playing games.

In addition to all this, there is a sharing of one's own life or opinions with others in the form of a journal, otherwise known as a blog. The word blog is simply a shortened form of the term "weblog," or a medium of the new generation for the writing of essays, articles and the like.

Blogging is all about the sharing of one's experiences or opinions with others. A blog is an up-to-date sequence of events and an exhibit of style and creativity. It is the ultimate outlet for personal expression. A blog is generally composed of text, but it can also contain pictures and other multimedia features.

No matter how you choose to blog, technical skills are not necessary. All that is required is that you have a desire to share your ideas, your story and your knowledge with the rest of the world. 

Mac users have long been a part of the blogosphere. Apple recognized this when it incorporated a blogging module in its iWeb software package that comes preinstalled on every new Mac. Part of the Apple iLife software suite, iWeb features excellent integration with Apple's other bundled applications such as iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand.

A blog needn't be mere text; indeed, there are such things as audio and video blogs. But perhaps the most important element of a blog is a good and engaging headline. Other elements include the entry itself, the permalink, or address at which the entry can be found, and a place for readers' comments.

The popularity of the blog is that it can focus on virtually any aspect of life, from politics to whitewater rafting. It is a diary that is not bounded by time or physical constraints.

As one blogger put it, a blog is an opportunity to speak out to the world about things that would otherwise be tightly shut inside oneself.

You needn't worry about pleasing either an editor or a publishing company. There are really no rules. In addition, a blog can feature interactivity in allowing readers to comment on what they see.

Of course, blogging, like everything else in life, can have consequences. It can be harder to control than the broadcast media. It can often present alternative points of view to that which is filtered or censored in the mainstream press. It frequently touches on politically sensitive issues and even things that may make people angry or uncomfortable. 

Blogs can be seen as a type of political misfit. In some instances, the result is the suppression or punishment of bloggers, and in some cases the issue of liability and defamation can be raised.

Nevertheless, blogging is a force that is not likely to go away anytime soon. If you have the urge to write, even if it's only to communicate with your own friends, give blogging a try. You never know how much you have to contribute.

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