The Top Five Greatest Video Games of All Time

Plenty of excellent video games have come and gone over time, but today we’re going to review five of the greatest video games ever made. So, without further ado, here are the greatest video games ever made.

5. Strike Commander - Chris Roberts, Electronic Arts, 1993.

A ‘ futuristic’ mercenary pilot simulator set in the future – 2011. Intriguingly enough that’s the year right now. Robert’s team foresaw a world with various regional conflicts in the future. Interestingly they chose not to develop new aircraft technology, and the battles are fought with F-16, F-22 and F-23 aircraft, those which existed in 1993 when the game was made. Historical accuracy aside the game combined brilliant 3D graphics at the time with a great storyline, full speech and great animation. Another notable Chris Roberts game, as a space fighting mercenary, called ”Privateer” deserves an honourable mention here. Interestingly enough, there’s been almost zero good modern jet dog-fighting and bombing simulators released since this game.

4. Super Mario Brothers 3 - Nintendo, 1988

No ‘greatest’ video games list would be complete without mentioning the Mario Series. Mario Bros. adopted and developed many of the standards that we see in platform games today. Mario, much like many Nintendo games is great because, like many Nintendo games it is free of adult content. It’s also really great fun for the whole family. We’re going to list number 3 here as the best, because it’s probably got the longest plotline of any of the Mario games. Also the many different worlds are great fun.

3. Civilization - Sid Meier, Microprose, 1991

Sid Meier's Civilization
Sid Meier made a lot of really great strategy games, but any fan will assure you that Civilization was the greatest of them all. In fact, it’s the greatest turn-based strategy game ever made, and that’s why it’s on this list. Civilization offers great replayability value as you seek to build an empire full of cities, technology and military might. You can then choose to either lock horns with neighbouring civilizations, or blast them all away. Nuclear weaponry is even an option in this game, but watch out, pollute the planet enough and some seriously bad things can happen to you.

2. X-Wing - Lucasarts, 1993

X-Wing was unique in that it was the first space fighter simulator to use a fully 3D engine. It was also extremely well made and great fun to play. Based loosely on the Star Wars movie series, you are a pilot for the Rebel Alliance, and must fly a series of missions in the various space fighter crafts – The X-Wing, The Y-Wing and The A-Wing. Each of these 3 crafts have different attributes and weaponry. You don’t get to choose which spacecraft you fly though, this is picked by the mission. The final mission, predictably but certainly not disappointingly, involves flying along the surface of the death star in an attempt to launch a photon torpedo into one of the ventilation ducts. All in all it’s the greatest space simulator ever made.

1. Doom 2 - iD Software, 1994

Doom 2 was revolutionary. It took the first person shooter, with its humble freeware background in Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, and propelled it to stratospheric levels. Today, FPS games are arguably the most popular types of games out there. What Doom 2 did - that was really special, was to start pushing the multiplayer aspect of FPS games, which has been one of the driving forces of the genre today. That's not all, the game also featured an option for players to build maps, something previously not heard of.

So, there we have the list of the greatest video games of all time. There’s a lot of old games listed here, but these games were the ground breakers  the ones that really pushed their genres to the next level. Hopefully you enjoyed the read.

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