Simple SEO Strategies to Drive Visitors to your Blog

A blog is your spot in the world. It is where you can express whatever comes to mind - from rants about the latest technologies to praises for your favorite sports person. Many people enjoy the ability to exercise their freedom of speech in an online forum where they can interact with friends and strangers.

Unfortunately, writing a blog is one thing, getting people to your blog is quite another.

Nevertheless, there are many easy tactics you can incorporate that will help ensure that search engines like google drive more traffic towards your blog, than they previously did. Collectively, these tactics are known as SEO (search engine optimization).

Take care with keywords: Using keywords carefully can help you get visitors to your site. If you are writing a blog entry where you compare Harry Potter to Twilight (which would be highly entertaining if you like inflaming people), simply copying and pasting Harry Potter Twilight; Harry Potter Twilight; Harry Potter Twilight a billion times won't get you very far. 

Instead, simply try Googling "Comparing Harry Potter. . . ." and watch what Google fills in for you. Then you can use the results to see what titles are ranking for that particular Google key phrase. For example, your keyword might be "comparing Harry Potter and Twilight". This is what is known as a long tail key phrase. Shorttail key phrases are more like "Harry Potter" or "Twilight". There is very little chance that somebody Googling "Harry Potter" is going to find your blog. But there is a better chance of them finding your blog if they type in "Comparing Harry Potter and Twilight". Use the key phrase that you want to push no less than three times in your blog but no more than five times.

Network with other bloggers: Find other blogs with similar interests and topics. If you like blogging about Harry Potter, then find other blogs that talk about Harry Potter. Post links to blogs that you like and request that they post links to your blog in return. Comment (intelligently) on their posts. You may even offer to write guest blog posts for them and include a link to your blog at the bottom. Ask them to do the same. This will not only incorporate some variety into your blog but can expose you to new and diverse viewpoints.

Remember social media: Most blogs and websites have tools that can allow you or your users to easily share your blog posts on their favorite social networks. Even if your blog service doesn't offer that, it isn't that hard to post a link to your latest blog post on your Facebook page or Twitter feed. Remember that most Facebook users have plenty of junk in their news feed. Adding a visual element to your blog pages can help set your post apart from the hundreds of other links popping up on Facebook. Using a clever or witty title also helps.

Keep it fresh: One of the worst things you can do for your blog is to let it go for months on end without adding new content. You should write a new blog post at least once a week. This helps your blog in two ways: one, it helps you to generate a lot of content which is more likely to get a search engine's attention; two, it keeps your content fresh: another good thing in order to catch the attention of major search engines.

By implementing any or all of these suggestions, you'll have people reading your prophetic words in no time!

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