Nov 27, 2011

This Adidas Shoe Has A Chip Embedded To Analyse Performance

Adidas has unveiled a new shoe with a micro-chip embedded to collect and wirelessly transmit valuable and critical information which might help the player in stepping up his game. The chip is able to collect and transmit information on metrics like maximum speed, distance covered, and number of sprints ect.

All this information can help a player not only analyse his own performance but also compare them with others; so that he can find out his weaknesses and work on them to improve his performance.

According to Ryan Mitchell, head of the product introduction team at Adidas, with this shoe “we’re able to show you what you did, give you the key metrics of your game, and enable you to compare this to your previous performances, the performance of your friends, competitors, or our global stars,” 

Adidas’s new shoe which is a version of the Adizero f50, comes in a package which includes the shoes, a speed chip, and a software which enables data analysis on a smartphone or computer. The best thing about this shoe is the fact that is able to measure speed and distance in all 360-degree movements.

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