Who is Winning the Mobile Check-in War and Why?

Want to make sure you get the seat you want on your next flight, get the best table at your favorite restaurant, ensure your hotel room remains available if you’re running late, or avoid the line at the hair salon? Then mobile check-in is the way to go. By using your cell phone or other wifi device, all it takes today is just a few clicks and you’re all set! 

Mobile check-in allows you to bypass personal service if you don’t need or want it - essentially saving you time with numerous transactions that you may take part in on a routine basis – and it’s likely to get even more popular as more companies move towards a paperless check-in system.

The airline industry has been using mobile check-in for the past few years for everything from booking flights to checking in – allowing customers to do everything that can be done online from their mobile phones. This can be a real time saver for those who are on the go, but without access to a computer or laptop.

With so many opportunities and applications, though, who’s really winning the mobile check-in war today? Well, it seems that an up-and-coming French company called Ariane Systems is certainly leading the way.

Say Bon Voyage to Long Lines

Ariane Systems, founded in 1998, has become the worldwide leader in providing self check-in (and check-out) technology solutions for the hospitality industry, even winning them a Top Technology Award at this year’s WorldHotel Convention in Poland.

The company currently has over 1,600 systems operating at hotels in more than 20 different countries, and is now considered to be the worldwide leader in the hospitality industry’s self-service check-in / check-out technology.

In addition, Ariane Systems technology can also store and / or transmit customers’ credit card information while maintaining a secure environment for this sensitive data. It is this same technology that ultimately allows a certain degree of intuitiveness that can make each check-in and check-out extremely efficient as well as secure.

Sold under the brand name of Virtual Reception, the company’s systems allow guests of participating hotels to both check-in and check-out when ever and where ever they want to. This not only allows a quick and convenient experience for the customer, but it also increases the efficiency of the business as well.

The Benefits of Mobile Check-In

In addition to the simple convenience that mobile check-in offers, companies using the service can benefit in a number of other ways. In the hotel industry, for example, Ariane’s technologies allow hoteliers to utilize a built-in upsell module. This essentially acts as a platform for furthering customer relationships while also upselling additional services to guests – subsequently increasing revenue for the hotel.

Taking it one step further, the services that are upsold to the guests can actually be made relevant to the unique and specific needs of the particular guest – personalizing the experience even more. This can lead to numerous benefits to the hotel, including:

     Increased guest retention rates
     Added customer loyalty
     A unique experience for each guest, based on their specific preferences

It is for these reasons that customers continue to come back, feeling that their stay is not only convenient but personal.

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