Holiday Parties: 10 Tips To Keep Your Professional Image

As 2012 comes to a close, companies are celebrating a year of hard work with lavish booze and food-filled holiday parties. Yet, many employees struggle with finding that balance between their unbridled party-goer self and their professional, sophisticated self. So how do you decide which alter ego wins - fun or professional?

Office Party Etiquette
Since some companies are more lax with their standards of etiquette, the correct behavior can be confusing. The best advice is to take queues from your direct supervisor. If he or she has one alcoholic drink the entire night, you are safest doing the same. In general, assume that someone is watching at every minute – because they probably are. 

Read these quick tips to keep in mind for this year’s festivities: 

1. Timing. You should always attend your company holiday party - it could be considered a snub to your coworkers and employer to not go. At the same token, don’t be extremely late or overstay your welcome. 

2. Guests. Be careful about guests that you bring to the party – because they are a reflection of you and the company you keep. If your guests are making a fool of themselves by the end of the night, it makes you look bad. 

3. Attire. Dress like you are going to a formal dinner party, not a nightclub or rave. 

4. Drinking and eating. Mind your manners. Don’t stuff yourself with food or alcohol. Making the right impression means staying composed. 

5. The office. Try not to talk about the office all night – you don’t want to be dull and stuffy. Take this opportunity to learn something new about a coworker or guest, but don’t pry too far into the details. 

6. Hands free. Try to keep your right hand free so you can shake hands during introductions. 

7. Boundaries. General office boundaries apply. Give others plenty of personal space and no flirting. 

8. Discussion. Keep the discussion positive and upbeat. Don’t complain about coworkers or your job - this is a time for celebration. Plus, you don’t want that to get back to the wrong person. 

9. Give thanks. Remember to thank the host/hostess if there is one and the party planner. 

10. Have fun. Holiday parties are there for people to enjoy themselves, so don’t stress yourself out over it. Yes you need to be aware of your etiquette, but the party is also a reward for your hard work during the year. So, enjoy it. 

I hope you found these tips helpful and informative. Have a great party and happy holidays! 

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