The Link Between Emotions and Health

Being upbeat and maintaining a positive outlook not only makes you happier, it also makes you healthier. So put a smile on your face and prepare to enjoy the benefits!

Laughter Really is Good Medicine

Recent studies have shown that laughter can make your heart healthier by helping blood vessels work more efficiently. A recent research can be cited as an example. A group of twenty male and female non-smoking volunteers were shown movie clips intended to elicit emotional responses from both ends of the spectrum - happiness and sadness, and the effects monitored by ultrasound.

The physical responses to the two movie clips were drastic. Viewing the intense, and sad movie scene caused blood vessels to constrict, and blood flow was reduced by an average of 35 percent. Viewing the lighthearted, comedy scene increased the volunteers' blood flow by an average of 22 percent, which is an improvement similar to what is experienced in aerobic exercise. Although the research doesn't provide concrete answers, the common belief is that movements of the diaphragm, and the release of endorphins are to be thanked for the positive effects of laughter.

Learn to Draw Upon Your Determination

Determination is a quality that can improve your health. Individuals who set goals and place great importance upon achieving them tend to have a higher number of cells that boost and protect the immune system. A great example points to women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, and are encouraged by their physician to be an active and aggressive participant in their treatment plan. Attacking the problem through physical action, coupled with mental actions such as meditation has been shown to increase immune system function and hormonal balance, both of which play an important role in combating disease - evidence that a persons coping strategies can influence the outcome of their disease.

Express Your Emotions

Forcing yourself to keep quiet, or hide your emotions can be a dangerous habit. Studies conducted over a ten-year period and focused on a group of married couples provided evidence that individuals who bottle up their feelings to avoid conflict were more than four times as likely to suffer heart attacks, strokes and other forms of physical ailments than those who expressed their feelings openly. Those who tended to hide their feelings generally managed to preserve their marriages (in many cases only for a period of time), but lost their physical health in the process.

Allow Yourself to Experience Pleasure

Experiencing pleasure and enjoyable experiences boosts your immune system as well. Indulging in activities that bring you pleasure reduces stress, and of course we all know that it's important to keep stress to a minimum in our lives. Having a couple of pieces of chocolate, or taking time during your lunch break every few months to go to the spa and having a massage, are simple activities that can increase your sense of well-being, and make you a happier, and healthier person, so that you can live a longer life!

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