Jan 30, 2012

Facebook Timeline - Only 8% Say They Like It

Facebook is all set to make their latest profile layout "Timeline" - compulsory. In the next few weeks all Facebook users will be compulsorily upgraded to the "Timeline" feature - whether they like it or not.

Ever since the introduction of this feature, the social media circles has been abuzz with people debating the suitability or unsuitability of the "Timeline" layout. One aspect emerging from these discussions was that people were concerned that the new feature would interfere with their privacy, as "Timeline" suddenly makes every thing that they ever shared on Fb, including past status updates and photographs visible to the whole world.

In this backdrop security company Sophos conducted a survey where they " asked over 4000 Facebook users what they thought of the new Timeline feature, and the response was overwhelming negative."

This is what the survey revealed:
  • Only 8% (7.96% to be precise) of the respondents claimed that they liked the "Timeline' feature. 
  • 8.4% of the respondents claimed that they would eventually get used to the feature.
  • An overwhelming 51.3% of the respondents claimed that that were worried about the "Timeline feature"
Facebook Timeline Poll. Source : Sophos

With Timeline its all about being careful with what you share and with whom you share.

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