Top Five Unconventional Uses for Post-It Notes

Post-It notes get everywhere (chances are they're already all over your office). Their obvious use is for leaving notes, usually reminders, for yourself and others in places where the intended recipient will easily see them. However, in the right hands a Post-It note can be so much more. Follow here five unusual uses for your everyday Post-It note. However, as with any piece of paper and a writing implement, the possibilities are endless!
Car Covered In Post-It-Notes. Image Credit
  • Art
Post-Its can easily be used to create impressive art installations (and if you don't believe me then proof is just a Google search away). Whether it's a multitude of classic yellow ones covered in painstakingly drawn ink sketches or a multicoloured mosaic, finished Post-It note works can be really "quite striking".
  • Animation
You could argue that animation is a kind of art, but I believe a second category is necessary in order to properly convey all the potential animation-related applications for Post-It notes. The obvious way to utilise Post-It notes for animation is in place of conventional paper, perhaps most commonly in a flip book format. However, the Post-It notes themselves can be animated via the use of stop motion, which can result in some visually spectacular productions.
  • Study aids
Post-It notes can be used in a variety of ways if you're a student (or else simply being studious). They can be used with books in a number of ways, as humble bookmarks or to keep extensive notes without actually writing on the books themselves (especially handy if they come from the library). Speaking of libraries, a well placed Post-It note can also aid you in remembering when you have to take back or renew your books, thus helping you avoid a fine.
  • Toys
Post-It notes can be crafted into a surprising amount of fun things. As what is effectively a block of small squares of paper, they can be folded into a number of things including fortune tellers, paper planes and most other types of origami model (albeit in miniature). Additionally, stacks of Post-It notes can even be made into more complex, interactive toys like Slinkies.
  • Showing someone you care
Perhaps one of the nicest ways Post-It notes can be used is to tell someone how you really feel. People have even proposed marriage with Post-It notes in the past, so you really can't go wrong with discretely sticking one somewhere where the person you care about will see it. You can also use this method to prank your friends or co-workers in office space, but that wouldn't really be very nice, now, would it?

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