Understanding Small Businesses And The Internet

Perhaps the biggest invention of the modern world, the internet has transformed our lives beyond recognition. Used in both a personal and professional capacity, reliance on the internet is at an all time high and is an essential tool for small businesses.

Who uses it?

The internet has infiltrated the vast majority of homes and businesses since its creation and figures from 2011 put the number of internet subscribers at above 2 billion worldwide. The penetration of internet service stands at just over 30% for the world, with specific regions experiencing higher results.

Europe equates for approximately 23% of the total number of internet users in the world, with almost 60% of the continent online. The UK has the third highest internet usage in the world with more than 80% of the country connected to web services.

Why is it important to small businesses?

With the vast majority of the world’s population online, businesses can use the internet to connect with a much wider range of clientele. With major developments in this field including the rise of cloud computing spurring further growth, failing to utilise the internet for business purposes would leave small companies at a severe disadvantage and could ultimately lead to a loss of business.

How can VPS help businesses get online?

The first thing small businesses need to do on the internet is to set up their own web page. These can be hosted by professional firms to make the process easier and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is usually recommended.

VPS offers the control and service benefits of a dedicated server with the affordability of a hosted server, making it the best bet for small businesses to get a service they can rely upon without spending a fortune. VPS supports multiple accounts on a single server, allocating a set amount of resources to each one. This prevents demand from being too high, reducing the chance of businesses experiencing a disrupted service.

The level of control you have is up to you when using VPS and you may even have root access to the server – something a hosted server does not provide. Scalability options are available and you can tailor the resources to meet your specific needs, preventing you from overspending.

VPS helps small businesses to establish themselves on the internet securely and has few disadvantages. If the hosting firm oversubscribes their server then disruption may occur but this is unlikely. Business may also struggle to attain the necessary capital to invest in VPS but, as it is far cheaper than a dedicated server, it is still a highly affordable option for most.

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