10 Effective Ways to Use Images on Your Blog

Let’s face it – we live in a visual society where images can speak louder than words. This means that images are just as important as the text on your blog. In fact, visitors are more likely to read text if the images around it are appealing. Images can also improve the credibility of your blog and make readers more likely to come back. Here are ten specific ways to use images effectively in your blog. 

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1. Blog Heading – The heading on your blog is the first thing visitors see when they come to your site – it gives them an immediate impression of the content and the quality of your blog. A well-designed header can make the difference as to whether readers scroll down or go to another site. The blog heading is also a good place to put your personal or business logo if you have one.

2. Navigation – Once your readers scroll past your blog heading, images on posts will help them navigate your blog. Including at least one relevant picture with each post will tell readers what the post is about and help them decide whether they want to read it. Some blog designs only have post titles with pictures on the main page, so that readers can see more posts at once rather than scrolling through them. There may also be titles of popular posts with pictures on the sidebar – this will draw your readers towards your best content.

3. Social Media – By now, most blog visitors expect to see various social media icons on a blog. This not only helps them connect with your blog, but also sends the message that your's is the type of blog that others want to read. Social media icons can also be another way to express the theme of your blog or contribute to its aesthetic appeal. It’s also important that these icons are in an obvious place for your readers to find. 

4. Author Identity – One of the best ways to get your readers to trust your content is to establish their connection with you. Consider posting an “About Me” section in your sidebar with a photo or avatar of yourself. This will help your readers remember that there’s a person behind your blog.

5. Freebies –Everyone loves free giveaways – it’s one of the main techniques bloggers use to get more regular readers. Whether you’re offering a free product to promote a sponsor or want to advertise your free podcast, do so with catchy image that will grab your readers’ attention and help them visualize the product you’re offering.

6. Products – If you offer products on your blog, advertise them in an appealing way. If you want to promote your book, show the cover. If you want readers to visit your Etsy store of handmade crafts, show pictures of some crafts along with the Etsy logo. 

7. Presentations – Many bloggers choose to include video or Slideshare presentations in their blogs, whether to show their expertise, highlight the uses of a product, or explain the purpose of the blog. Links to these presentations should have brief captions along with an image that helps readers know what kind of presentation to expect.

8. Badges – Badges can serve a number of different purposes on a blog, but they all contribute to a blog’s credibility. These are generally featured further down a blog’s sidebar, as they aren’t as important as the content itself. Some blogs may list recognizable logos of clients and sponsors (with permission). It’s also common to have badges for any awards the blog has won. Some bloggers who serve as guest bloggers on other sites will post badges for those sites as well, to boast their credibility as a writer.

9. Links – Both internal and external links on a blog can be featured with appropriate images, which will help the readers choose which links they want to go to. This is a great way to highlight a specific part of your site or to point readers towards other sites you enjoy.

10. Statistics – Site statistics and ranking tools tell your readers about the popularity of your site. Many blogs post statistics from their social media networks, such as numbers of Twitter followers or Facebook fans. A blog may also post a widget with a ranking tool that readers will recognize.

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