5 Signs That Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working

If you've been using email marketing for a while, you probably have an idea of how effective, or ineffective, it is turning out to be. It may therefore be the time for you to re-examine your strategy. Email marketing is extremely powerful when used correctly, and a waste of resources when it is not. Here are five signs that your email marketing needs improvement.

You're Not Delivering The Goods

To get a positive response to email marketing, you have to offer the reader more of what they're looking for. If someone signed up for a newsletter that offers coupons and for the next three months you don't send out a single coupon, you have just lost a subscriber and potentially a customer. 

The Yawn Factor 

People move fast in today's world. They like instant gratification and they like the bottom line. Are your messages interesting or do they ramble about irrelevant topics? You have about fifteen seconds to grab a reader's attention and keep it, or your email will be deleted. Make good use of those fifteen seconds.

Relationship? What Relationship?

Do you know who your clients are? Do they feel like they know and trust your company? Potential customers want a feeling of familiarity with a business before they offer up their money, and without it, they'll go elsewhere. Consider using an email marketing reseller to free up more of your time to develop and maintain this focus.

Your Call To Action Is Not a Call

Every email you send out should have a clearly defined goal. Whether you want people to click on a link or download a document, you should have an objective and give the reader a good reason to do it. If your call to action is unclear or buried at the bottom of the email, it will probably go unanswered.

You Aren't Using Proper Netiquette

Your emails are an extension of your company. Do you want people to read messages with bad grammar? Are you flooding inboxes with 10 messages a day? Not only are these things in poor taste, they are an irritation for the reader. Make sure you proofread, and don't overwhelm a reader with too many messages.

Email marketing can be of tremendous benefit to you and your business. Every time you write an email directed towards your subscribers, put yourself in their shoes. Pretend you're a customer and read through your message. Would you want to keep reading and follow the call to action? If the answer is no, go back to the drawing board until your NO is a YES. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes. 

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