7 Practical Tips to Increase Your Adsense Earnings

You use adsense on your blog for the obvious reason of earning money. However if you find that your adsense earnings are not quite up to your expectations, it’s time to give your strategy a rethink.

The following articles discusses 7 practical tips to to help you increase your Adsense Earnings. 

1. Create more content – The equation is simple. More content means more traffic. More traffic means more ad-views. Increased ad-views translates into better earnings. 

2. Make your ads visible – The more visible your ads, the greater the chances of them being clicked. Research has shown that ads which appear at the bottom of your blog do not perform as well as those appearing on the header or the sidebar (where visibility is greater). 

3. Use 3 ad units – Google places a cap of 3 ad units per page. To earn more from your adsense account I would recommend that you use your full quota of 3 ad units. However do not overwhelm the reader by showing all three units at the top of a page. This can turn off your readers and also have adverse SEO effects. Position your ads in a way that it complements the theme and the content of your blog. 

4. Use image ads – Images capture imagination far more quickly and effectively than text only ads. Image ads are therefore more prone to be clicked, command better CPC and CPM rates than text only ads and therefore can go a long way in improving your adsense earnings. 

5. Quality content attracts high paying ads – I have seen very often that pages with quality content attract better paying ads. If you have any experience with the adsense system, you will realize that they clearly have a policy wherein high paying CPM/CPC ads tend to be displayed on pages /blogs which are high on authority. 

6. Diversify – A lot of people create content on platforms like “hubpages” to supplement earnings from their blogs.

7. Keywords – Use the "Adwords Keywords Tool" to discover the keywords and key-phrases that are commanding high CPC (cost per click) rates. Position these keywords within your content strategically, and you could expect to earn more from every ensuing ad click/view. 

What then are the strategies you employ to give your AdSense earnings a much-needed boost.

Note: This article is meant for individuals who already have an approved AdSense account. If you do not have one, you can read my article on how to get an AdSense account approved easily.
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