No "Angry Birdy Space" for your Windows Phone

In what could be a major cause of disappointment for all gaming enthusiasts on a Windows Phone OS, Rovio Entertainment Oy, the makers of the very popular "Angry Birds" game have revealed that they have no plans to make the latest version of the game "Angry Birdy Space" available on the Windows Phone OS.

Angry Birds Space
According to Rovio, releasing the new Space version of the "Angry Birds" on the Windows Phone platform might not turn out to be cost effective for the company. 

"Angry Birdy Space" would however be available on the other bigger platforms, namely, Apple’s iOS and Google's Android. The desktop version would be available for both the Windows PC and Apple's Mac.

According to Bloomberg, with the introduction of the "space" version, "Angry Birds" may reach 2 billion cumulative downloads by the end of the year.
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