Blogging – Communication at its best

The word blog has been derived from the word “Weblog” which describes a site that can be easily conceptualized and edited. A blog offers one the freedom to upload write-ups, pictures, videos, graphics and more at the touch of button. The art of creating and maintaining a blog is known as Blogging. With technology becoming accessible to more and more people around the world, blogging has indeed become a phenomenon which is catching up like wildfire in homes and businesses alike.

There are numerous benefits of blogging and it is drawing individuals and businesses towards it. Blogging has been beneficial to schools, businesses, libraries, sportsmen and celebrities. A blog can be helpful in many ways.

Horizons for learning broadened 

One always needs to be well informed about the topic or subject he or she intends to blog about. Regular postings on a blog encourage people to actively engage in the process of information seeking and building awareness.

Blogs as a helping hand for students

Schools prefer to maintain blogs of their own and get them constantly updated by their students. The literary skills of students are exercised when the students take interest to update the blog with topics of their interest and can also await the feedback of the concerned faculty on the same. This has also proved to be one of the most effective channels of communication between the teachers and their students.

Tools to communicate with clients and customers

More and more businesses have come to terms with the benefits that blogs could provide to propel them towards profitability. Firstly, a blog opens up a wide public platform on which the customers could look up to information. With its low cost of maintenance, it has proved to be better than emails, where the business can easily activate XML or RSS Feeds for its target audience. Moreover, a blog offers any upcoming business a piece of the World Wide Web at almost no cost involved. 

A blessing for Sports

Blogs have proved to be a perfect tool for budding coaches and players to come together and interact. A blog can easily be updated and fresh information is given special attention by search engines. Also, Google Maps can be easily integrated to provide information on the location of one’s facility. Coaches constantly keep their blogs updated with tips and their coaching regimes which are in turn constantly reviewed and received by the players.

The prospects for Blogging are endless and they are no limits to which a blog can be directed towards cumulative development of society as a whole.

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