Talent Acquisition & Recruitment - A Staple for a Recovering Economy

Recruitment has always been a staple of the Human Resources field.  It deals with hiring the most qualified candidates for the company amidst many other applicants.  However with the ever changing job environment there is never enough knowledge, specific skills sets and training on the process of hiring the right people. 

More often than not, recruitment is always being handled by the company HR generalists who have little knowledge of each position to be filled or the specific traits the candidates need to have in order to succeed in the company.  In addition, the staff involved with the hiring process is most likely burdened with the day to day managerial functions of HR to give much attention to the process of hiring, retention and succession planning.  

As a result there are some promising individuals get hired only to find that they are a poor fit for the organization and companies are dealt with the decision to try and retain the investment or cut their losses and search for a candidate who is a better fit.  This becomes more and more complicated as the company increases in size and requires more (highly skilled) individuals to grow, especially in very important / key positions.  Thankfully there are companies that will do the search and selection for you, they’re called talent acquisition firms. 

What is Talent Acquisition?

This concept is basically concerned with the process of finding, hiring and retaining the best-qualified individuals to meet the organizations goals.  It is a more specialized process from traditional recruitment which deals with finding the right people for the job.  It deals more with finding the right people, making them stay in your organization and ensuring the longevity of the company.  For this purpose talent acquisition firms train their people in more than just the general HR functions to enable them to gain a more in-depth knowledge of their clients' organizational needs, the key skill sets they require and the key positions the company needs to survive.

Why hire a Talent Acquisition firm?

First, with the global outsourcing phenomenon the cost for contracting with these firms is relatively cheaper as compared to filling up a recruitment office in your own company.  It saves office space, money and also leaves more time with your HR staff to address their other concerns. 

Second these firms also function or work with recruitment agencies that have access to many qualified job seekers.  It’s just a matter of discussing the skills you need, the requirements for the position and providing some knowledge of the company’s work environment.  They would then choose from their pool of applicants or market the job opening to attract the best suited people. 

Thirdly, they have specialists who may work to gain an in depth knowledge (more than what your current HR staff possess) of the company’s needs.  This is even more apparent with the fact that some of their specialists may have formerly worked as consultants in IT, outsourcing or Human resource sectors.  To cite an example, in the "call centre" industry some specialists even learn the language of the country outsourcing the job, to search for and converse with the best talent.  

So if you are wondering if contracting with a talent acquisition firm is worth it?  The short answer is - yes, definitely!

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