Using Work-Life Balance Tips to Lead a Better Quality Life

In today's fast moving world, achieving balance between life and work may seem to be an extremely difficult proposition. Therefore before we focus on any work-life balance tips, it is important to understand what exactly work-life balance is. Work-life balance is a broad concept and is concerned with effective prioritization between "work' (and its concerns) on the one hand and "life" (and its needs) on the other. It does not mean being one up in the personal life as well as at work-front. After all, the fact remains that it is not possible to work beyond the 24 hours in any day. Thus, it only means that you need to be able to balance your work life, your personal life, as well as your pleasures, all within the day itself.

Do you have a plan?

It is very important to plan. Similarly, it is vital to keep your weekday away from your weekend. Plan your weekend in such a way that you are able to have a comfortable week ahead. This may include your weekly visit to the grocery store and completing your kids' project work. Also, a weekend has to be a clear no no to office work. This is very important as you will get time to unwind and have renewed energy to face the computer on a Monday morning. Besides, being away from your work place on a weekend gives you the space to think and reflect. You would be able to focus on the other things that too have an important role to play in your life, such as your kids.

Sometimes say “NO”

You need to learn to say "NO." This is of vital importance. After all, you only have a certain amount of energy. Any new project, party or event would require an investment of time and effort. You need to weigh the pros and cons of each invitation. In case you feel that it may not be worthwhile to your professional development or networking, be polite and firm about refusing it.

Organization skills

Learn to be organized. This is where your technological gadgets can come to your help. Set reminders about the time to pick the kids up from school, the gym timings and your lunch dates. These notifications will keep on popping up from time to time and make sure you are always on time.

Family is always at first place

Family always comes first. Give quality time to your family. Once you are at home, be there completely. There is no point in being at home and jumping each time your cell phone beeps. Keep a cut off time for your office calls. The office work will be there the next day too. Also, never miss out on your sleep. Even though there may be tight deadlines, try not to compromise on your sleep. After all, studies have proved that our productivity goes down if we are not well-rested. Besides, who would want to meet a haggard looking person the next day at office? So ensure that you always give your body a well deserved rest.

Try to not bring work at home

Avoid carrying work to home. It is better to spend some extra time in office in order to complete the essential tasks rather than talking over your phone while having dinner. It is important to have a cut off and be with your family completely. Remember, office work can wait for another day, but the time that you may have missed spending with your family will not come again.

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