3D Video Conferencing Straight Out of a Sci-Fi

The future of video conferencing is looking a lot like a retro-future vision from the 60s; that doesn’t stop it from being really cool. While Skype and video iChat are fine enough, talking to someone on the other side of the world as if they were standing directly in front of you is on an entirely different level of its own.

Very soon this technology will be available to all at the cost of $5000; a small price to pay for cutting-edge technology if you ask me. A development team from the Queen’s University in Canada have ushered in the future of video conferencing equipment with the TeleHuman which allows users to interact in a full 360 degree holographic atmosphere with each other.

The TeleHuman

While the new system is hardly bug-free, the video conferencing experience you may receive from the TeleHuman makes it difficult to fault. However in the early stages of any new technology there will always be issues that need ironing out. For one, the TeleHuman is unfortunately quite expensive for its purpose not to mention how clunky the setup is. The 3D hologram will only work with a giant acrylic tube that projects the image for viewers. I’m sure though for all its faults we’ll see this video conferencing system in London and perhaps the rest of the world in no time. Many aren’t perturbed about the space or the cash for something so futuristic.

The Hardware

Just how futuristic is this video conferencing hardware though; well the developers admit that it was created using existing equipment. The setup includes 6 Microsoft Kinects which are interactive cameras used in their highly popular gaming console, the Xbox 360. Another thing working to the advantage of the TeleHuman is the fact that you do not need to actually place a call; all that is needed is to step roughly 8 feet within the range of your own pod and you’ll immediately show up on a linked TeleHuman pod.

Cost and Release Projection

While the technology is in the early stages, the results are incredibly encouraging and although the projected availability of it is 5 years from now at $5000, perhaps the lessons learnt while developing this video conferencing software will lead to a better more advanced piece of equipment before then. For now though, we’ll have to pretend to be aboard the Star Trek Enterprise in our imaginations alone and make do with Skype or whatever option you prefer. Video conferencing is a leading service for businesses worldwide so I’m sure there won’t be a slowdown in technology any time soon.

3D Video Conferencing Straight Out of a Sci-Fi 3D Video Conferencing Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Reviewed by Unknown on May 13, 2012 Rating: 5
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