Review - Should You Place An Order With Them?

A few days back, when I stumbled across, they were running some heavy discounts and though I am not a huge fan of buying garments online, the price at which they were offering some of the articles; prompted me to place an order with them. I ordered a T shirt for myself.

My Experience With Clifton

Two days after placing my order, I received an email (and an sms informing me about the email) from them. The email stated that owing to the large number of orders received (which was quite practical considering the quantum of discount that they were offering), they would not be able to deliver the colour combination that I had chosen. Instead I was requested to choose an alternative colour combination for the same design which I had ordered. They gave me quite a few alternative colour choices, the images of which were attached to the mail. My order was shipped soon after I had replied to their mail with my choice of colour.

The Delivery And Product Quality

I received the T shirt four days after the product was shipped (which is standard for delivery in my area) neatly packed in a tamper proof seal. The product was brand new, free from any defects and matched the information provided in the Clifton website in terms of quality, length and other specifications.


I must admit I am very happy with services they offered. Their website is user friendly, products reasonably priced and they ship all your orders for free. Plus the detailed specifications provided aid you in making the right choice and far as quality and size is concerned. Overall I would give them 4 stars out of 5.

Final Word: Go ahead and place your order with Clifton. You would be glad that you did. Review - Should You Place An Order With Them? Review - Should You Place An Order With Them? Reviewed by Unknown on May 10, 2012 Rating: 5
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