Instagram + Pinterest = Pinstagram

Instagram and Pinterest are the two heavyweights when it comes to sharing photos on the web. While Pinterest can be accessed using a web browser, Instagram is only available to smartphone users (via a downloadable app) across Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms. With both the apps immensely popular across their respective circles, how do you choose between the two?

Instagram + Pinterest = Pinstagram

Now, you don't have to. Enter Pinstagram - a website that gives you the best of both worlds. Created by two friends Pek Pongpaet and Brandon Leonardo as a weekend project, Pinstagram that combines both Instagram and Pinterest to give you an interesting interface. Moreover you can now enjoy Instagram over the web.

To access Pinstagram you need to sign-in with your Instagram account. The layout is akin to Pinterest' and all your photos appear in the waterfall layout. You can like and comment on you photos, as in the Instagram app and pin them to your Pinterest pinboards as well. Pinstagram is also equipped with a search bar that allows you to discover images instantly. Overall a handy tool. There may be some bugs though! 

To access Pinstagram follow this link

Image credit: Mashable

Instagram + Pinterest = Pinstagram Instagram + Pinterest = Pinstagram Reviewed by Unknown on May 03, 2012 Rating: 5
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