Successful Marketing with Both Online and Offline Tactics

Every business needs to undertake marketing in order to succeed. Many business leaders have embraced the Internet as a marketing platform. Online marketing certainly offers businesses the ability to reach a wide consumer audience in a cost-effective, high-tech fashion. However, it's important that business leaders don't forget the value of offline marketing. Offline marketing encompasses some of the most tried and true advertising tactics in the world.
Combining online and offline marketing is absolutely essential for business leaders who want to ensure maximum exposure for their businesses. Some offline and online tactics can even be combined. Direct mail is still a very popular marketing tactic, with many businesses profiting from sending customers coupons and special offers in the mail. As an example, you can try sending clients custom envelopes with QR codes that link to your business's webpage for maximum online-offline effectiveness. The following five tips can help any business leader strengthen his or her marketing program by seizing upon the advantages offered by online and offline marketing.

Embrace the Marketing Mix

Aptly named, the marketing mix is a principle that suggests that business owners should focus on product, price, promotion and place when undertaking an advertising campaign. With the rise of online advertising, place has become more important than ever before. It's important that a business advertise in a variety of places. The reasoning behind this is simple: The more places a business advertises, the more potential customers that business can attract. Combining online and offline tactics ensures the broadest audience reach possible.

Understand how to Integrate

Marketing professionals know that it's important to integrate online and offline tactics during a marketing campaign. Integrating your marketing efforts can be as simple as including your website address on all coupons or flyers that you hand out to customers or as sophisticated as including QR codes on envelopes and business cards.

Use Offline Marketing to drive Online Traffic 

Recent studies suggest that many consumers visit business websites after hearing about them in offline advertising. Radio and television ads are still a highly effective means to reach consumers in your target market. Make the most of these mediums by encouraging customers to visit your store location or website. You'll reach consumers who don't use the Internet without isolating customers who are hungry for online information.

Combine Online and Offline ‘Competitions’

Consumers simply love giveaways and competitions. Make the most of this traditional marketing tactic by holding both online and offline raffles. Doing so will encourage consumers who frequently visit your business and use the Internet to visit your business's website. Don't forget that you can use your website to build a mailing list.

Put all your data on Freebies

Many business leaders love to give away promotional products. Such giveaways are popular amongst consumers, who enjoy getting something for free. Whether you're giving away frisbees or notepads, be sure to include your website address, phone number and street address. You'll drive traffic to your website without isolating customers who don't enjoy going online. 

Marketing is an absolutely vital business tool. Remember to use both offline and online marketing tactics to ensure the success of an advertising campaign. Combining marketing techniques ensures that your message will be seen by a wide consumer audience. It also ensures that you won't isolate any loyal customers who prefer receiving marketing materials offline.

Successful Marketing with Both Online and Offline Tactics Successful Marketing with Both Online and Offline Tactics Reviewed by Unknown on May 30, 2012 Rating: 5
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