Top 5 Free Software Applications For Business Efficiency

When evaluating software for business, there are many free applications which can contribute to effective project management. From managing contacts and email to more complex document and folder organisation, the choice of free software means access to great resources for a minimal outlay. Business software applications can help to streamline communication, refine the consistency of written work, and improve timekeeping. 

1. Skype
Skype’s usefulness shows no sign of diminishing, and from being a convenient medium for long-distance communication between friends and family, it has evolved into a one-click dialling tool for rapid connection with business contacts. Customisation of ringtones and avatars can help organise calling lists, and personalises your contacts for future reference. While Skype-to-Skype calls remain free, the minimal charges for other telephone services mean huge future potential for business. Best of all, the initial download is free and subsequent integration with the existing Skype network is effortless. Options for forwarding calls to mobiles mean that Skype can operate remotely, providing flexible contact options for executives who are located outside the office.

2. Word Web

Clarity of written work is always important, and a quick reference system for correct spelling and grammar is always handy. WordWeb’s English-language thesaurus and dictionary is compatible with Windows and allows instant referencing of over 150,000 words as well as synonyms and alternative words to provide concise but diverse wording for any written project or e-mail. WordWeb even provides assistance on phonetics and pronunciation in English – ideal for guidance before making speeches and presentations. A free download of this business software is an essential addition to any desktop. 

3. Open Office

Reducing clutter on working desktops, OpenOffice is a fully Microsoft Office compatible suite which features all of the most useful MS Office features as a free open-source download. While its functionality is not as advanced as that of the full MS Office suite, it will provide an ample range of options for business and private users. Word processing, spreadsheets and simple presentations are capably managed by OpenOffice, and users require only a minimum of familiarity with the Office suite to be able to use all of the options. Business users should find most of their requirements fulfilled by OpenOffice at a fraction of the cost of a full Office package, especially for multiple users.

4. Evernote

Keeping track of daily activities can be difficult when there are so many distractions. A convenient tool for capturing useful information, Evernote allows instant capture of video, audio or web pages, archiving them for later access from a variety of devices. Now business users have no reason to forget an inspirational idea, or a piece of information that might prove useful to friends and colleagues. Whether working on a project or just in a hurry, notes can be taken for later reference from PC, laptop or phone.

5. Active Desktop Calendar

Timekeeping is the number one priority for desktop management. Configuring your display to show an accurate calendar and providing timely reminders, Active Desktop Calendar is a useful application that appears unobtrusively over the top of any existing desktop wallpaper and icons and issues alarms to help prioritise important tasks. 

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