7 iPhone Social Networking Apps You Might Want to Try

The App Store is full of social networking apps for your iPhone, but you probably don’t have the time or the patience to test them all. So leave it upon us to tell you! Here are some of the most interesting ones, and you might want to start with them. Note that I’ve left out obvious choices like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, which everyone already uses.

Banjo - Free

The problem with being part of many social networks is that keeping connected to them all requires that you use separate apps for each one of them. And that becomes all the more annoying when you follow quite a few of these networks. Fortunately for you, Banjo comes to your rescue. Banjo is simply an integrated app that keeps you connected to all the social networks at the same time.

LinkedIn - Free

Keeping you connected with your professional network even when you’re on the go, the LinkedIn app for iPhone is easy to use and comes with an appealing interface. Use it to share content, find and advertise jobs, make professional contacts and keep up to date with everything that is going on within your professional network.

Path – Free

This app is a smart journal that enables you to share the meaningful details from your daily life with your friends and family. With Path you can share with people who are close to you - your thoughts, your feelings, the places you've been to, the people you have been with, and the latest music you’ve listened to. You can even insert HD videos and photos to add more life to your posts.

SoundCloud – Free

With this small and handy app you can record voice memos, music, sound clips, and the like and quickly share them on all the major social networks, including Tumblr and Facebook. Light, fast, and easy to use, Soundcloud is especially a must-have for concert-goers.

Pinterest – Free

Pinterest has taken the web by storm with its pins and pinboards. If you’re one of its many users, you’ll like this app, which basically lets you do most of the things you can do on the official Pinterest website. A cool feature of the app is the ability to pin to your pinboard photos taken with your iPhone camera.

Twitterrific – Free

This is a worthy alternative to the official Twitter app. Although many prefer the later, which can be said to be more mainstream, Twitterriffic comes with a great combined view for a better tweet-reading experience. If you haven’t tried this already, you should do it now, and you might find that you cannot go back to using the other Twitter apps.

IM+ Pro - $9.99

A comprehensive instant messaging app, IM+ Pro supports AIM, GTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, iChat, and others. What’s great about it is that it comes with a built-in web browser.

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