Designer’s Block? Tips To Inspire you if you’re Stumped

Every artist knows the frustration associated with a lack of inspiration or ideas. One may spend hours before the computer and yet fail to come up with something new and refreshing. If you find yourself in such a situation, desperately seeking a fresh idea in time for an upcoming project / deadline, the following suggestions might help you bring back some of the creativity and beat the 'block'. 

Designer's Block1. Take a look at art from various periods of history. While a trip to a museum could really get your creative juices flowing, checking out an art book can also educate you about historical styles and aesthetics. Exposure yourself to art pertaining to a variety of time periods and styles. 

2. Don't be afraid to unplug. We often spend too much of our time plugged in to various media like the internet, television, music players and smart phones. Try and spend at least a few hours every week entirely away from them. You'll be amazed at how clearly you can hear your own thoughts! 

3. Treat yourself to a change of scenery. If you are having trouble finding inspiration at your usual studio, kitchen table or coffee shop, take your laptop to a new venue for a few hours of work. You could find a muse among a new cast of characters or simply feel refreshed by the change of location. If you can't leave your work station, make subtle changes in your surroundings by opening or closing the blinds, removing your shoes or turning off the music. 

4. Make a point of exposing yourself to other forms of art on a regular basis. Remember that music, theater and dance can inspire like visual art forms. Plan to attend concerts, ballets or plays with friends on a regular basis. 
5. Carry a notebook around with you. You could find something inspiring even on public transportation, a first date or a lunch break from work. Some artists even sleep by their notebook to capture ideas and thoughts from dreams. Be prepared to capture such moments as and when they arrive

6. Get moving to improve your health and physique. Get your heart beat pumping and burn some calories by hitting the gym for an hour or two. You could find yourself thinking more creatively and working harder on your creative projects after taking time to care for your well-being. 

7. Spend time creating art without considering any one but yourself. It can be difficult for commercial graphic artists to separate the financial potential of their design from the satisfaction of the artistic process. Make an appointment with yourself on a regular basis to create art without the intent to please anyone but you. 

8. Step away from your innate perfectionism and let your creation take shape. Graphic designers often get caught up in perfecting the small details. Try letting a new creation take shape by simply working around the existing imperfections. 

9. Take a hike or a trip to the beach. Spending time in nature can refresh an artist's soul and bring forth new ideas. Avoid searching for inspiration on your time away from the computer, using the time to focus on enjoying the world around you. 
Innovative ideas10. Try your hand at creating art in a new medium. Grab colored pencils, oil pastels or charcoal and start sketching on a blank piece of paper. Avoid the temptation to harshly judge your efforts, and focus on the positive outcome of expressing your emotions and thoughts in a new medium. 

11. Avoid wasting time while waiting for a great idea to come to you. Take an average idea and get to work. You could find the final product of your efforts exceeds your original expectations by leaps and bounds. 

12. Expose yourself to creative, talented artists at school, work, or in casual social settings. Many graphic artists can draw helpful advice from listening to the creative processes or philosophies of other musicians, artists or dancers. Attend a new art club or plan a dinner party for friends. 

13. Create art that brings your own experiences and beliefs to light. Avoid trying to make art that is elegant or edgy if it veers into unfamiliar territory. Your own experiences have shaped your outlook on life. Use these experiences as an honest starting point.
14. Nurture your hobbies and interests outside of work as a graphic designer. Take a cooking or martial arts class or buy a bestselling, mystery novel to enjoy with a cup of coffee over the weekend. Make sure to spend time feeding your soul without thinking of work. 

15. Avoid putting yourself on a tight schedule whenever possible. While many graphic designers working a regular schedule don't have the luxury of stepping away, focusing on paperwork or a secondary project whenever possible would probably help you connect with yourself in a more meaningful way. 

By taking time to expose yourself to other art forms and going out into the nature, you could find unprecedented inspiration for your graphic design projects. 

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