Microsoft Surface Tablet - Picture Perfect

SURFACE is a new tablet PC announced by Microsoft with a bid to take on the absolute dominance of the iPad in the Tablet market.

Microsoft  SURFACE  will be available in two models, one equipped with a ARM processor and running on Windows 8 RT and the other featuring a Intel Core processor and running on the Windows 8 Pro operating system. The version running the Intel processor will have an additional screen cover that also functions as a keyboard. Windows 8 RT is an OS specifically designed for running tablet PCs.
Microsoft Surface Tablet - Picture Perfect
Let us take a look at what the SURFACE has to offer

The Microsoft  SURFACE  is a game-changer, equipped with a 10.6'' ClearType HD Display with an Aspect Ratio of 16:9. The SURFACE is super thin with a thickness of 9.3 mm for the Windows RT version and 13.5 mm for the Windows 8 Pro version. It has a built in stand that can be 'folded down' when not in use.

Microsoft Surface

The Windows 8 Pro version will feature a screen cover that functions as a keyboard. There is also a multi-touch track pad too. The keypad will be available in a variety of colours.

Though there is no official word on the availability and pricing of the  SURFACE , yet it can be speculated that the release will come before the end of the year.

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