Effective Writing Tips For Online Publishers

Writing is an art that can certainly be perfected over time. The following post makes an attempt at bringing forth tips aimed at helping you express (in written words) yourself and your ideas more effectively. Here are 13 effective writing tips for online publishers

Effective Writing Tips

1. Get a grip of the basic rules of grammar even if it means revisiting your old text-books.

2. Practice writing because practice makes perfect.

3. Read because reading help improve your grip over the language - a factor that might aid you in writing effectively. 

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4. Your writing need not be flamboyant as long as it is effective and error free.

5. Short sentences tend to be less prone to error.

6. Plan before you write. It always helps if you can take note of the important points your article would be based upon.

7. Unless you are writing for someone else, you need not worry about the minimum number of words your article should comprise of. All you should be worrying about is quality and not quantity. 

8. A pinch of 'humour' is the basic ingredient of a 'delicious' post.

9. Always suggest, never command. It is always better to say "you might want to try.." instead of saying "you should try.."

10. Break your article down into a number of paragraphs. Use an introductory paragraph to build your reader's interest and a concluding paragraph to summarize your points.

11. If a sentence or paragraph does not sound good to you, re-phrase it!

12. It is ideal not to publish an article right after you have finished writing it. Its better to give yourself a break, return with a fresh mind, read the article, add to or make changes where ever deemed necessary, re-read it and then hit the publish button.

13. Last but not the least, make note of and incorporate 'keywords' strategically within the article. Though this might actually not bring about an improvement in you writing, it certainly will help improve search engine visibility of your articles and ensure that they are widely read. After-all your ultimate aim is to make sure that your articles are actually read

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