Guest Blogging - Tips For Guest Authors

Guest Blogging - Tips For Guest Authors
What started as an innovative concept, now finds itself at the pinnacle of all search engine optimisation efforts. With it being hailed as one of the most effective methods of bringing about an improvement in search engine rankings, webmasters and bloggers from all over the globe have embraced 'Guest Blogging' with open hands in a bid to secure those elusive few 'top-spots' in search engine rankings.

If you are anxious of joining in the tide of guest bloggers, here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your guest blogging endevours. 

1. Selection of Blogs to Guest Post on

Selecting the right blog to guest post on is one of the most critical aspects of your guest blogging efforts. Your initial criterion for selection is going to be a blog pertaining to the same niche - that your blog relates to. For example if you write a tech blog, you would ideally want to guest post on blogs that are similarly tech-focussed. 

The authority of the website/blog you choose to guest post on will ultimately decide how 'great' a change in search rankings your blog will experience as a result of that 'one' backlink you gain by guest posting on the said blog/website. It is also true that a popular, high traffic blog will send you far more direct visitors than a less popular blog ever would.

However it is equally true that getting your article approved on an authoritative blog/website is a far more difficult proposition than getting an approval on one of those less popular blogs/websites. It is therefore important that at the initial stage, you create a list of all those blogs/websites you wish to guest post on. Considering the fact that getting an approval on one of the more popular blogs is going to be quite difficult (unless you come up with very good articles), you might instead concentrate on the new/emerging ones that you feel have a great potential to grow in the future.

2. Choice of the Article

Your choice of the article will depend upon a variety of factors that include:
I. Your areas of expertise.
II. The focus of your own blog (i.e the blog you wish to link back to) or the blog you wish to guest post on.
III. Any topic emerging from a conversation with the concerned blog-owner.
IV. The keywords you wish to target.

3. Choice of the Anchor-text

The choice of the anchor-text (to link back to your blog/website) will depend upon, as stated earlier, the keywords you wish to target. It is therefore important to come up with an article; wherein it will be easy to incorporate those keywords in the form of an anchor-text. Let not the anchor-text look 'forced' and make sure that it goes with the 'flow' of the article. 

Even if the anchor-text is to be accommodated within the 'author-bio', it is important to do so in a way that the anchor-text along with the words before and after it form a complete sentence.

4. Other Considerations

A. Most blogs that accept guest posts have stated guidelines for the same. Give these guidelines a thorough reading to ensure that your article confirms to the same. 

B. Do not write any thing in a hurry or for the sole consideration of getting a backlink. Articles low in quality are often than rejected by the concerned blog owners/webmasters. Make sure that you come up with an error-free, well researched and complete article - one that will be too good to refuse.

C. It also helps if you discuss the article with the concerned blogger/webmaster so that you come up with an article that suits 'their' requirements.

Thanks for reading!

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