Lack Of Post Ideas - Put Your Time To Productive Use

As a blogger it is normal to hit one of those patches where new post ideas seem to elude you and you find it difficult to put even a single word on paper (or your screen for that matter). If you are currently going through one of those patches, this is how you can put your “blogging time” to productive use instead of just staring blankly at your computer screen.

1. Revisit old articles with the intention of modifying or adding to them. 

2. Review your blog design with the aim of improving site-navigation and content discovery. In other words you make such changes as will enable your readers to navigate through and discover more content on your blog.

3. You might also make such changes to your blog design as will
  1. Improve page load time
  2. Improve the visibility of your advertisements
  3. Get rid of unnecessary widgets and add-ons.
  4. Encourage and allow readers to share content on social networks easily.
4. Network with fellow bloggers. Decide on future collaborations and/or projects you might undertake together.

5. Connecting with your social media following.

6. Undertake link-building exercises like commenting on other blogs.

7. Going through your ‘Analytic’ report with the view of identifying the topics and/or keywords that have been instrumental in bringing you the most traffic. Concentrating on like topics in future might help you in bringing about an increase in readership.

8. Undertake extensive reading to improve your own knowledge and skills.

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9. Review pending guest-post requests by other bloggers.

10. Reply to questions asked and/or help-requests made by your readers.

11. Reviewing your existing ‘social media strategy’ and deciding on what more needs to be done.

While a good night’s sleep is often all that you need to get your creative energies flowing, undertaking some of the activities outlined above will certainly help you make the best use of your time till a new post idea strikes your mind.

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