5 Ways Brands Utilize Instagram to Increase Engagement

If you are a regular internet user, you must have come across or at least heard about the popular photo tool known as Instagram. It is a smartphone app that makes it possible for users to incorporate visual effects to their photographs, before sharing them with their friends and followers on the various social media websites. In recent times, Instagram has proven to be an effective tool for engaging and conducting business. This is because it has an incredible digital PR potential, which helps in giving your business the much needed exposure. The following are five of the most significant ways brands and other businesses in general can utilize the Instagram app to boost their engagements:

Photo Contests

One of the ways in which brands can make the best use of Instagram is by setting up photo contests, and encouraging users to participate in them. Since the app is very simple to use and millions of people across the globe have access to it, there is always a great chance that a good number of people will show interest in participating in your photo contest. To heighten their interest further, promise to offer attractive rewards for the winning contestants. Such competitions greatly assist in giving your brand better coverage, especially if you are able to attract a huge number of participants to the competition and they share their photos on various social media pages.

Brand Marketing

Business enterprises can also make use of Instagram photographs for the purposes of marketing their brands. For instance, apart from seeking the services of a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) organization to make certain that your brand can be seen and ranks as high as possible in search engine results such as Google, a business enterprise could also spice up their marketing campaigns by posting and sharing attractive Instagram photographs of the products they are trying to promote. This vital form of social media strategy enhances engagement because using it guarantees that a larger number of audiences will get to see your brand and the range of products that you specialize in.

Event Promotion

Another practicable method of enhancing engagement via the use of Instagram, is by exploiting people's influence surrounding forthcoming events. By attaching pre-labeled and branded hashtags to their posts on Instagram, business enterprises can encourage other users to upload their own photographs of the particular event, with the related hashtags attached to them. By doing this, you will be able to generate a number of interesting topics which relate to your brand for your target audiences to share and discuss amongst themselves.

User Photographs

In the beginning of the year 2012, Instagram was reported to have 15 million users. These numbers are growing each and everyday, and the current figure is reported to be 50 million users. This rapid increase in users over such a short period of time, coupled with the fact that most social media enthusiasts love to post and share their photos online, makes Instagram one of the most well known forms of social media that internet users subscribe to. 

On a similar wavelength, business enterprises can popularize their brands by posting and sharing eye-catching Instagram photographs on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This way, they not only get to engage and interact with new people, but they get the opportunity to show them that they value their cooperation as well. For example, in addition to setting up the more conventional photograph contests as outlined above, you could invite people to send you their own cool and favorite photographs on agreement that you only will share the most exciting ones. Publicizing your followers' photographs goes a long way in selling your brand because in most cases, they will return the favor and share your content with others too. 


Lastly, some brands are now making use of Instagram to share the behind-the-scenes photographs of their workplaces; to inform prospective clients what they deal in, and to help promote a more personalized representation of their brand.

More and more social media agencies are now actively using Instagram to promote their brands. This upsurge in prominence makes it a business tool worth trying out - for you to experience first hand the potential benefits it will bring to your business organization.

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