Funny SIRI Replies

Here is a compilation of funny SIRI replies. Enjoy!!

1. What SIRI thinks of the BlackBerry!
2. Sure they are incompatible!
Boy and Girl
3. Who's driving tonight??
Drunk Tonight
4. That's exactly where you should be heading!
Kill Someone
5. Sorry! That's not covered
Marry me SIRI
6. I know exactly what you mean.
Turn off the music
7. Here's something worth REMEMBERING.
Remember that
8. Certainly!NO BIG DEAL
Rob a Bank
9. Just Silence..
Just Silence
10. Siri does some dirty talking.
Talking Dirty
11. Easy mathematics
Terminal Velocity
12. Now don't FREAK me OUT!!
Terminal Velocity
13. Wasn't me!!
Who let the dogs out?
14. Surely the best of the lot! Hats off Apple.
Suicide prevention
Hope you have loved this little compilation of funny SIRI pictures.
Source: STSS
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