How to Revive a Dying Blog

If your blog is dying an untimely death, it’s time to sit up and take action. The following action plan outlines some of the activities you can undertake to revive a dying blog and get the visitors flowing once again.

1. Focus

Focus on a few related topics and stick to it. Doing so will enable you to build a steady readership based on interests – who will keep coming back for more. Diversify into too many topics and would find you are unable to satisfy any of your interest-based visitor groups over a considerable period of time – a sure sign they will start losing interest in your blog.

The key to your success lies in selecting your target interest group and serving them well.

2. Content

The best way of reviving a dying blog is to infuse a fresh flow of content – to ensure that your blog catches the eye of your target audience.

To have the maximum impact, your content should be:
  1. Relevant to your target audience and be of value to them.
  2. Unique
  3. Well written and compact.
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3. Go Social

The logic behind this is simple. Almost every individual with access to computers have a social media account. You can always tap into this huge following that social media sites enjoy to gain some free publicity for your blog – a move that will ensure that your existing readers will keep up to date with your blog’s content and more and more individuals join in on the fun.

4. Be open to guest posts

If lack of content is pegging your blog back, and you are finding it difficult to keep it updated on a regular basis, its time to say YES to guest posters.

By being open to guest posts you not only get quality content for free but also gain a lot more in terms of the traffic and the additional publicity that comes your way.

5. Plan

By charting out your future course of action, you give yourself a sense of direction and purpose. Reviving a dying blog will need your efforts – its easier to achieve results when you have a definite plan before your eyes.

Remember to give it your all and success will be yours for the taking.
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